• Eleanor Haward


Hello, we are salon owners and sisters, Amber and Eleanor. We thought we would kick off this first blog post by letting you get to know us and show you some of the challenges we faced getting the salon customer ready.

Currently we feel like the two luckiest girls alive and that is partly (mostly) down to our incredible Dad. He set this dream in motion and then took time out of his job to work six sometimes seven days a week turning our salon into the beautiful place it is! We won't lie, it definitely took its toll, our poor dad was stressed to his eyeballs but we all came out the other side happy and smiling.

We have uploaded a few pictures for you to take a look at so you get an idea of what sort of thing we were up against. Nothing can prepare you when setting up - there are so many things that pop up that you never even knew were things to worry about! - for instance, remember all that rain we had in December????? Well we do because it ever so kindly decided to flood/ruin our toilet. We thought our dad was going to have an actual heart attack when he realised he was going to have to completely build a new one totally from scratch, under a pretty tight timescale too..... along with everything else that still had to be done! Thats 1 thing, the 2nd thing PLASTERBOARD???? Who knew that could be so long and annoying, I mean most of the problem probably could've been the fact its a very old, cold building but that still didn't prepare us for it falling off the ceiling at one stage! one thing we definitely discovered whilst renovating the shop was that paitence is key. We were definitely patient and we couldnt be happier with our new baby.

We hope to see you in the salon soon! Amber & Eleanor xx

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